Industrial Packaging Supplies

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It is the last task; shipping your product securely to your customer. Choosing the right banding or strapping is a very important detail to protect your product while it ships to your customer. However, shipping your product involves cost, research, and preparation. Traditionally, steel strapping was used to secure everything from pipe, to wood, crates, and many other heavier supplies.

Now, however, there is a wealth of steel, cord, or plastic strapping or banding alternatives on the market. Steel banding is the best choice for heavier loads, we also offer alternative ways to secure all types of loads.

Plastic banding, cord banding, polyester strapping, or stretch film are other choices for different load types.

Plastic Banding with Strapping Tools
Plastic Banding with Strapping Tools


Using Stretch film along with corner boards protects your load for a more secure shipping method.