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It is the last task; shipping your product securely to your customer. Choosing the right banding or strapping is a very important detail to protect your product while it ships to your customer. However, shipping your product involves cost, research, and preparation. Traditionally, steel strapping was used to secure everything from pipe, to wood, crates, and many other heavier supplies.

Now, however, there is a wealth of steel, cord, or plastic strapping or banding alternatives on the market. Steel banding is the best choice for heavier loads, we also offer alternative ways to secure all types of loads.

Plastic banding, cord banding, polyester strapping, or stretch film are other choices for different load types.

Plastic Banding with Strapping Tools
Plastic Banding with Strapping Tools


Using Stretch film along with corner boards protects your load for a more secure shipping method.

Industrial Steel Strap or Cord Packaging Materials

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Grant Packaging may be able to save you money using alternative banding. Developments in PET Polyester Strappingindustrial packaging materials in recent years have resulted in all types of steel strap alternatives. Among these alternatives are plastic strap, polyester strap and cord banding.

Steel StrappingIf you need steel strapping, Grant Packaging carries all types and sizes of steel strap at highly competitive prices. A choice of unpainted “bargain strap,” is available upon request. On, you can quickly check out the types of steel strap, as well as browse strapping tools and accessories and get information on shipping prices.

Steel alternatives, such as plastic and polyester, cost less to buy, and don’t carry the dangers of steel strap. These alternatives are easier to clean up and dispose, safer to apply, and easier on your back which could reduce injuries.

Grant Packaging is a complete strapping resource. Brands such as Orgapack, Fromm, MIP, and Acme, provide plenty of choices for quality and value. We have all of the tools, strap, accessories and advice you will need to properly and affordably secure your loads. One call to 866-GRANT-PAC or email be assured you will receive a quick response.

Lumber Polyester PET Strap and Cord

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Banded LumberGrant Packaging is a leader in Polyester PET strapping products and accessories, we carry all kinds of Polyester PET strapping materials, tools, parts and accessories. We offer better solutions for your lumber packaging needs. Steel Strap has become more expensive, if your packaging needs require a certain load strength look at our Polyester PET banding for an alternative choice.

EP-3080 Standard Duty Strap Dispensor for Oscillated Steel and Polyester Strapping
EP-3080 Standard Duty Strap Dispensor for Oscillated Steel and Polyester Strapping

The first concern when choosing and ordering strapping is the break strength of the product. If you are unsure which product is appropriate for your banding needs please feel free to call us for immediate and accurate help  (866.472.6872).  With Grant Packaging LLC headquarters in St Louis, we are here to help. Brands such as SignodeOrgapack, Fromm, MIP, Acme and Delta, we offer plenty of choices in quality and value for steel strapping tools, cord banding tool and polyester and polypro strapping.

Plastic Banding and Tools

Hauling lumber, you know that safety comes first, which is why it pays to go with a well-established company that stands behind its products. Grant Packaging LLC, is known throughout Kansas, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa and Indiana as a reputable firm with solid customer service. Grant Packaging company offers free samples of Cord and LumberCord, so that customers can become familiar with all of their strapping options.

Grant Packaging LLC, carries steel strapping, cord strapping, industrial packaging equipment and supplies. This firm also carries used strapping tools with brands such as Orgapack, MIPFromm and MUL, You can’t go wrong with quality or selection. You can order everything you need, from tensioners to dispensing carts to crimpers, over the phone, for quick delivery. Or by email at [email protected]. Grant Packaging, LLC, is a one-stop shop for any business that uses trucking to deliver industrial materials, from lumber to pipes to heavy equipment.


ORT 50
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