Strap Products and Accessories

Overview of Strapping Products and Accessories

  • Steel Banding—painted and waxed with seals and accessories.
  • Bargain Strap—unpainted and waxed steel strapping, very economical, does not clog tools like painted strap.
  • Plastic Banding—very economical also with break strengths over 2500lb.s.
  • Cord Products—very safe high-strength strapping that is now more cost-effective than steel strap. Very low cost for tooling. Light in weight and is now very popular for lumber applications and various industries. SEE SPECIAL OFFER.
  • Tools, Parts—for steel, plastic, and cord. Fromm™, OrgaPack™, and MIP™.
  • Refurbished Tools—Used tools with all new major wear parts, same guarantee as new.
  • Tool Repair—Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Bale Wire/Bale Ties
  • Free Loaner Tool Program—Grant Packaging will provide proper tooling for customers in exchange for strap business.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it is important to make the right decisions for every aspect of your business. From rising materials costs, fuel and other incidentals, the choice you make can impact on how your business is able to excel.

Grant Packaging will partner with your company to achieve the results you will need to help realize your edge in this ever challenging business world.

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